Sea Scallops on Tomatillo Sauce

In the absence of tomatoes for canning last summer, I got lucky with an abundance of tomatillos and put up numerous jars of sauce, flavored with lemon juice for the acid. I found this worked much better than vinegar, since the lemon flavor complemented the tartness of the tomatillo. I wrote about this experience HERE.

Now that I’m getting the garden ready for the spring, I’m on a mission to clear the pantry and use up the many jars of fruit and vegetable concoctions that I canned last year. Tomatillo sauce, like tomato sauce, is an easy one. In addition to eating it as salsa with corn chips, I pair it with chicken, fish and potatoes as a sauce. Here I floated some seared sea scallops on top, and also used it as a dressing for lentils. Garnish with cilantro and diced green pepper (Bell or poblano). This is also great with a sturdy white fish like cod or with salmon, a pretty color combination.

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