Chive Blossom Vinegar

A long row of magenta blossoms gently swaying in the breeze welcomes us back to the CSA in springtime. Like so many puffy prom dresses or an infinite supply of pom-poms, the blossoms have a kind of festive air, dominating the thin reedy stalks of the chive plant. 

Pick a bunch for a bud vase, or better yet, use them to flavor vinegar that will be used all summer for salads of potatoes, cucumbers, greens.  This has become an annual ritual for me.

First, detach the blossom heads from the green stems and lightly clean them. I shake them in a sieve to remove light dust and then spray them with water, continuing to shake the sieve. Let them dry so that the water doesn’t dilute the vinegar.

Choose a very clean jar with a screw-on lid. Mine’s a pint jar since that’s about how much of this vinegar I would use in a season. Fill the jar about halfway with the chive blossoms and pour in light white wine vinegar, such as champagne vinegar, which pairs well with the oniony taste of the chive blossoms.

Let the vinegar sit for about a week before decanting into a clean bottle. I store mine in the refrigerator and use within a few months.  Its color doesn’t become as saturated as the violet vinegar I made earlier this spring, but the flavor is much more intense. 

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