Winter Squash and Beet Salad

I might be getting punchy because of the weather but this little salad really perked me up.  It was pure serendipity, a chance encounter of leftovers, with colors, textures and flavors that worked together and made me smile. The colors reminded me of the magenta and chrome yellow cosmos that my daughter likes to pick at our CSA farm in early spring, a perfect antidote to the grungy snow.

I had lightly cooked cubes of butternut squash with ginger on the counter and cubes of pickled beets in the fridge. When combined on the same plate, and served at room temperature, I had a dark days salad (or a compote to be served on the side of something that needs perking up) that dazzled the taste buds. You can’t make this stuff up. It just arrives. Farewell, January. Can’t say I’ll miss you.

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    • That is very funny. It does have a mineral taste to it. These were chioggia beets, the striped pink ones which aren’t as earthy as other colors and have a smoother texture. By the time I pickled them, you might not have known they were beets, especially since the squash was a dominant texture and the beets just added sparkle. There are a few things that I make for myself when my husband’s not looking!

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