Beet Salad – a Medley

I recall that, when I briefly lived in Vienna as a student, the schnitzel was typically accompanied by a raw beet salad – grated or shredded. I’m fond of roasted beets during the winter. However, looking forward to a warmer season, raw food appeals, as it feels more refreshing. Although I promised in February to work through the multitude of over-wintered roots, I still have some hangers-on in early spring. Luckily, I had three beautiful beets large enough for shredding. There were a typical red beet, a bright yellow beet and a pink and white ringed Chioggia beet, which came out striped when shredded.  Pretty!

For an Easter offering (would be great in a buffet), I grated and dressed the three beets separately, using walnut oil as a base and varying the acid ingredient. I could have used hazelnut oil instead. Nut oils go rancid quickly, so I would personally purchase the smallest amount offered. I added grated orange peel and orange juice to the yellow beet, and balsamic vinegar cut with a little red wine vinegar to the red beet. The Chioggia beet could use a fruity vinegar like raspberry, which is a little frou-frou for my taste (but giddy like these beets).  Being droll, balsamic worked fine.

Any of these could be garnished with herbs or nuts, or even some feta cheese, and could be tossed in a salad of spring lettuces and herbs.

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