Peas in Pots, and a Potato Salad with Peas and Pea Shoots

2014 0705 IMG_4607 Peas in potsI grow climbing peas and beans in pots. Their rambling vines wrap around upturned tomato cages and provide a sculptural dimension to the garden through two or three growing seasons. Pot gardening is a handy way to deal with weather conditions since I can start the peas in pots at nearly any time past winter, moving them around to obtain the best light conditions. That might mean starting peas early in the full but weak sunlight of spring, or late in dappled shade out of the early summer heat. The other advantage of pot growing is the avoidance of rabbits, which can devour an entire crop when your head is turned, even just for a minute.

2014 0705 IMG_4691 Potato and Yellow Pea SaladSince I belong to a robust CSA that offers good variety of pick-you-own produce, including peas and beans, what I choose to grow at home are vegetables and herbs that they don’t grow, or that I want at my fingertips just a few yards from my kitchen door. That includes pale yellow Indian snow peas with beautiful and dainty violet flowers and luscious green leaves and tendrils that I toss into salad, stir fry, or use as garnish. I have gotten the seeds from various sources, most recently Baker Creek but also Fedco, and these peas make a regular appearance each year. (I do save seeds as well but typically re-stock from a reliable professional.)

Here, I scattered steamed yellow peas over sliced pale yellow potatoes. I added a few drops of white vinegar and salt to the potatoes as they were cooling, and then dressed them with a drizzle of olive oil. Garnished with pea shoots, this seasonal salad is simple and refreshing.

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