Hurricane 101: Keep it Simple

Yes, this was a terrible incident, caused by Irene. She was a bitch in the worst sense of the word. It’s hard to talk about it: lost sleep, lost stuff, but in the long run, it was our fault for not being prepared. Oh yes, we were prepared, but not for everything, including not for how the water came in or for the tree that came down on the roof. We survived and that was the most important part. And we actually had a great family experience in the middle of the night, making crazy contraptions to divert the water. Very creative in the spur of the moment (spur being as important as moment). Rube Goldberg, step aside.

With no power and thus a deteriorating food supply but lots of veggies in reach, we went for the simple choices to nourish the workers. The onion and pepper pile on top of grilled sausages reminded me of the traditions of the great Italian festivals of New York like San Gennaro in our former NYC neighborhood, which happens in the next couple of weeks. This solved multiple problems: using fresh and frozen assets, providing nourishment, and recollecting us of joyous times spent together, both past and present, a family gift. 

Categories: Onions, Peppers


  1. Grace

    I’m so sorry this happened to you! I hope you get put back together quickly. I like it that this turned into a shared family experience. That’s a ray of sunshine in all that storm.

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