Asian-inspired Salad of Tatsoi, Mushrooms and Caramelized Walnuts

I sorted out some of the so-called braising mix from our CSA farm into its component parts, mostly because a salad of tatsoi with locally grown shitake and white button mushrooms seemed like a good idea on a chilly fall day. Tatsoi is an Asian green in the Brassica family and grows flat to the ground in the shape of a rosette.

I dressed the tatsoi leaves with an Asian-inspired dressing of brown rice vinegar and touches of toasted sesame oil and tamari. I heated the walnuts in a little oil and stirred in hoisin sauce (or I could have used the sweet soy sauce known as kecap manis), cooking until crisp. I served the salad with roasted pumpkin and pears, which were great as counterpoints and complemented the colors and nutritional value. Yum fall food.

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