Cauliflower Baked with Preserved Lemon

Fresh lemons are not great in my part of the world so when I get good ones, I try to put up some of them by preserving them in salt, Moroccan-style. I find those tangy little pieces to be very versatile in cooking, imparting a depth of character to many dishes, even one as simple as this.

I was checking out Canal House’s latest (and, as always, beautiful) publication online and noticed a recipe for cauliflower baked with preserved lemon. I didn’t record the recipe but the idea was simple enough: separate the cauliflower into florets (or leave whole), sprinkle with olive oil and chopped preserved lemon, and bake at 350 degrees until browned and tender. I stirred the florets a couple of times to make sure they were browning since I skimped on the oil.  This was a delicious combination of fragrant subtle cauliflower sparked with tangy morsels of lemon.

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