Peas-in-Pods Potato Salad

The amiable heirloom golden sweet snow peas from India that I planted in my pot garden have finally peaked and are now fully harvested. With a quick hot spell that saw arugula start to bolt and peas forming in the snow pea pods, I was worried that these little gems would toughen, especially since the advice from Pinetree Seeds was to harvest them while small. However, the thinness of the outer wrapping and the gentle nature of these nutty-tasting peas made them just as perfect when over-ripe as when they first arrived a few weeks ago. I would never guess they weren’t saved to be eaten at that stage!

We quickly parboiled the peas in their pods, sprinkled them with olive oil and salt and then tossed them into steamed yellow potatoes that had been doused with white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and herbs. Then I tossed in a few pea shoots, which is now all that is left to eat on these plants. This was a great summery potato salad.

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