Waste Not Want Not: Mashed Potato Burgers

This is about leftovers. Then I promise I’m finished with Thanksgiving. From the time that I was a kid, an eldest child with a brood of siblings, I became known as queen of the leftovers. My own kids have the same attitude. It’s a game. They think I’m disguising old food and I think I’m transforming it.  The score it probably tied.

After Thanksgiving weekend this year, we had very few of the normal leftovers, just the diehards: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes. In years past, I’ve had enough roasted roots and greens to make bread pudding, and enough Brussels sprouts and potatoes to make a version of bubble and squeak. Oh, I could (and did) make turkey hash. But what about just plain lactose-free mashed potatoes? Really?

I combined the mashers with lots of chopped scallions (gleaned from our final CSA harvest) and parsley, and added a beaten egg, salt and pepper. I formed them into patties, dipped them in beaten egg and then in panko (crispy Japanese bread crumbs), and sautéed them in vegetable oil until crisp. Garnished with more scallions, they were delicious, especially for leftovers.  We all knew, but we didn’t care.

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