Baby Bok Choy in Garlicky Oyster Sauce

Simple, immediate, delicious. This is my favorite way of preparing bok choy, especially when they’re young and tender, 5 inches high or so. I received a pound of the little darlings in our first-of-the-year CSA distribution. So…oo glad to have the “farm” back in our lives.

This couldn’t be simpler. Clean the bok choy well to loosen any sand and grit, trimming the root end but leaving the heads intact. Steam them lightly and set aside to drain.  Saute plenty of chopped garlic and a little ginger in vegetable oil, add the bok choy and a couple of tablespoons of oyster sauce. Heat thoroughly and serve over rice, which will absorb the delicious juice. (If serving as a side dish, you can drain the bok choy and lightly dry it so it won’t exude so much liquid.) 

Categories: Greens

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