April: New Thymes

Despite the relentless winter, some of the more reliable herbs that I grow in pots have started to send up little shoots, only to be dumped on by snow but then resiliently shaking it off and pushing ahead. The reliable ones for me are lovage, which actually multiplies, chives and garlic chives, angelica (new one last year) and sometimes tarragon. Once in a while, I have salvageable sage and thyme, but it is so compromised that I typically start all over.  We use a lot of thyme. Throughout the summer and fall, I harvest little bundles from our CSA and dry them. A squeeze or two releases the little leaves. My pot garden is reserved for the freshest, the least woody thyme… the tender leaves of lemon thyme or any number of creepers that I grow beneath the angelica and towering sages. A snip or two of these early spring herbs brings an awakened sense of the green earth as we await the sprouting of peas, spinach and other early spring crops in our little potager.

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