Roasted Carrots with Carrot Greens Pesto

I’ve rarely met a vegetable that I did not want to roast, especially the ones that are not green (though I do roast kale). I think the medium high heat intensifies the flavors, especially when the vegetables pick up age, as in the middle of winter. Now, when the carrots are just cut from the fields, I roast at a higher temperature, allowing them to soften and brown quickly and retain their freshness. These carrots were sprinkled with olive oil and cooked at 400 degrees for under 10 minutes. They were “al dente” in texture.

My other constant vegetal inspiration is pesto. For me, that means any green that is pureed raw with a little oil, a touch of salt, maybe a few other ingredients like garlic (used here) and nuts (not used here).

I love this combination of raw and cooked, spunky fresh greens with sweet slightly caramelized but very fresh tasting roots.  It captures the essence of a transitional season.

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