September: Harvesting the Fields

I love to see how things grow, so for me nothing’s more gratifying than a morning in a field harvesting what we’ll have for dinner or put up for the pantry. Okra is fun to watch grow, with hibiscus-like flowers (same family of plants), furled buds, little okras growing vertically on stalks in the shade of large scratchy leaves. The plants are now about five feet tall so passing through long rows is a jungle experience. In September at our CSA farm, in addition to okra, we’ll be harvesting green beans and edamames, cherry and paste tomatoes, blackberries and raspberries, hot peppers and specialty eggplant, many varieties of basil and other herbs, tomatillos and husk cherries, and dozens of flowers.  Plus I still have many beans, tomatoes, herbs, chard and pumpkins in my garden. (Don’t ask about the pumpkins in a small home garden. They just appeared courtesy of our homemade compost. Little Shop of Horrors has nothing on us.)

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