August: Tomatoes in Variety and Volume

Tomatoes make me happy. I love the fact that I can eat fresh tomatoes from the garden or farm for nearly half the year. We have numerous heirloom varieties of cherry tomatoes in our home garden that keep us supplied until our CSA farm starts to produce. We have tiny green zebras, yellow pears,  globes that are yellow,  pale orange, nearly white and  a purplish red, plus a currant-size bright red invasive multiplier not surprisingly called “million.”  For now we have variety and starting in August, our CSA farm will contribute volume in slicing and heirloom tomatoes and pick-your own paste tomatoes. The volume lasts through September, when I’ll produce the canned tomatoes and sauces and salsas that will last us until the next season. A ton of tomatoes makes my pantry happy. Very happy.

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