My Blue Hubbard: Roasted Squash with Brown Butter and Sage

The saga of the 28-pound blue Hubbard squash continues…

2014 0306 IMG_3969 Pureed squash, brown butter and sagePartially prepared food saves precious minutes for weekday suppers. Since I’ve had an abundance of roasted winter squash on hand, I’ve become inventive in concocting various ways of using it, to avoid the same-old-same-old syndrome.

2014 0306 IMG_3961 Browning sage leaves in butterOne evening, I sautéed plenty of slivered ginger and added the squash. Here, I sautéed fresh sage leaves from my winter garden in butter until the butter started to brown, and added the squash, mashing it well. Although we ate it as a side dish, this would make a good filling for ravioli or lasagna.

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