October: Turning Yellow and Staying Crisp

When I used to live in a mountainous permafrost region of Wyoming during the summer, we arrived in June to green meadows full of blue flowers, mountain lupines mostly, and by early August, the fields were parched to straw and all of the flowers were yellow. The contrast was dramatic. That particular physical geography was exaggerated by the terrain and climate, life compressed in time.  (Ever get snowed in under a tent on the 4th of July?) Here on the east coast, the seasons stretch out longer. In October, I start to see the remnants of our “Augusts in the Mountains.” The flowers that I bring home from the weekly visit to our CSA farm tend to be shades of magenta, ochre and yellow, picked against a backdrop of colorful maples. As the air turns crisp, we will choose crisp apples and pears, sturdy collards and kale, flavorful broccoli and cauliflower, and colorful winter squash… the first ingredients of comfort food for the coming season.

Categories: Flowers

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