Play With Your Food: It’s Halloween!

This pasta dish reminds me ever so slightly of those chocolate puddings sprinkled with crushed chocolate cookies and exuding gummy worms, which were clever devices for restaurants to make a lot of money from parents who wanted to placate kids so they could finish their dinners in some tacky “family” restaurant.  Nightmares for soccer moms.

Actually, this is a remarkably good pasta dish, a version of a delicious pairing that I ate in a North Beach restaurants in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. That one involved homemade squid ink pasta with a delectable medley of shellfish in a garlicky wine sauce.  For this one, I lightly cooked orange peppers and calamari (squid) in olive oil and garlic and served them mixed with a premium Italian brand of squid ink farfalle. It may look ghoulish but it sure was delicious.

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