Broccoli “Salad” with Preserved Lemons

During the winter, green (meaning lettuce-variety) salads do not always appeal, unless they’re made with bitter greens like escarole, radicchio, Belgian endive, curly endive, frisee or others. Those are my favorites, since the taste and texture are invigorating, individually or in combination. The greens can be tossed with oranges and red onion to offset the ruggedness of the bite, garnished with flavorful cheese, or dressed with an assertive vinaigrette, fortified with sherry vinegar, mustard or other sharp flavors. I personally tend not to tame them with sweetness, but that’s also fine.

A winter alternative is a green “salad” made of cooked vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower, which tend to show well in the market at this time of year. Here, I made a room-temperature salad composed of blanched broccoli, lightly sautéed red onions and red peppers, which was dressed only with a drizzle of juice from a jar of preserved lemons. Wow, a photo can never convey the punch of those tangy lemons. The vegetables absorbed the saltiness and the unexpected burst of flavor was amazing, better than capers or olives. You could shovel a lot of snow after eating that.

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